December 9, 2023

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Dog Gift Ideas: Get Your Companion the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Dog Gift Ideas: Get Your Companion the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

The gift giving that characterizes the holiday season isn’t just between humans- it’s also for pets! Many people who are pet owners themselves or who know a pet lover are familiar with the tradition of giving Gizmo a present during the holidays. After all, Gizmo is part of the family and everyone else is getting gifts. This holiday season make your special four-legged friend bark with joy when you help him unwrap one of these great gifts.

Deluxe Drinking
Is Gizmo tired of that boring old water bowl? Or maybe he’s a picky drinker, and you’re concerned he’s not drinking enough? In that case, get the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. This deluxe fountain encourages pets to drink because the water tastes better, thanks to the internal 3-layer filter. The Drinkwell fountain is easy to take apart, clean, and put back together again. It has a 1-gallon capacity and is designed, approved, and recommended by vets!

Pet Comfort
Gizmo is too small to reach the thermostat, so if he needs some temperature control of his own, get the Heating and Cooling Dog Bed. This luxury Dolce Vita DuoTempe doggie bed provides hot and cold variations that will ensure your pet’s comfort. The plus side to having a cool doggie bed is that Gizmo won’t go seeking out cool floors to lie on that have the potential to stress his bones and muscles. The heat component is really great if Gizmo has a lot of dog years behind him. The heat therapy provides relief from arthritis, sore joints and muscles.

If the thought of possibly cutting Gizmo’s nails to the quick makes you queasy, try PediPaws. Gizmo’s nails need to be clipped no matter what, and PediPaws promises to make it a lot easier on both you and your pet. This product has a precision filing wheel that gently cuts thin layers of nail so the nails stay at a comfortable length and you don’t have to worry about Gizmo scratching the wood floors. The PediPaws product features a protective cap that ensures that only the necessary filing is made. Plus, the cap catches the nail bits, so there’s no lengthy hunt-and-find cleanup.

Is your dog a smaller breed or getting on in years and has a hard time reaching that perfect spot on the couch or bed he loves to lie in? If so, you can solve the problem by buying him Doggy Steps. These steps are the perfect progression for smaller and older dogs, so they don’t have to strain to get somewhere they want to go or become frustrated because they can’t reach the spot on their own. The Doggy Steps also works to help dogs get into cars or trucks. This product is ideal for dogs with conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. Plus, the steps are lightweight and portable, so you won’t have a problem moving them around and helping your dog get places.

A Cool Hangout
If you have a backyard that your dog loves to spend time in, a great holiday present for Gizmo would be a doghouse. Doghouses give Gizmo a place of his own to relax, and keeps him warm and dry during inclement weather. Some models are very cute and homey with cottage roofs and little windows. They are often constructed with good quality wood and some offer removable floorboards for cleaning convenience.

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without toys, and there are plenty to choose from. A dog’s physical health is very important, but does Gizmo get a good mental workout too? There are certain toys designed to mentally stimulate your dog. Once such toy is the Dog Tornado. This fun, interactive game gets your dog moving plastic bone sections to uncover hidden treats. This toy is durable and easy to clean, so your dog can have fun with it for a long time.

If Gizmo has a lot of slobber, get him the Slobber-Wick Squeak Buddy. This fun squeak toy is made from fast drying, easy to clean material so the toy is less “icky” when Gizmo brings it to you.

If your dog doesn’t have one yet, a perfect gift this holiday season would be a Kong. These fun toys are made of extremely durable rubber so Gizmo can happily chew on it as long as he likes. Plus, the core of the Kong is hollow allowing you to put treats inside. One such favorite is peanut butter. But Gizmo better be prepared because he has to figure out how to get the treats out before the Kong rolls away or tips back!

In general, food or treat dispensing toys are great gifts for your beloved pet or the pet of someone you know. These toys are fun, mentally stimulating, help relieve boredom, and burn off energy. These types of toys can help alleviate behavioral problems such as destructive chewing, barking and digging.

This is just a sampling of the great gifts you’ll be able to get your dog or a friend’s dog this holiday season. Don’t be surprised if Gizmo starts making a wish list of his own!