December 2, 2023

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How Do You Maintain a Sea Wall?

The seawall protects the shoreline from erosion and flooding, which could cause severe damage to homes located close to the water. You must ensure that your seawall is maintained properly if you want it to last.

Eliminate Plant Growth

Because your seawall is close to water sources, vegetation will grow around it. Although some plants are not dangerous, there are many varieties of vegetation that could grow near seawalls and cause damage to the structure.

Cracks can be created by the roots of plants that grow near your seawall in search for moisture. These cracks can make your seawall less resilient to intense pressures from the water. Additionally, the cracks allow water to seep through your seawall and cause it to begin to deteriorate.

Unclog Weep Holes

The seawall is exposed to high levels of water pressure every day. Water pressure can be caused by both the actual water that the seawall is designed to contain and the ground saturation of soil behind it.

Regular pressure relief is necessary to keep the water pressure from damaging seawall structural integrity. To function properly, water must be able to flow freely through the weep holes in order for it to regulate the water pressure on your seawall each day.

Complete Visual Inspection

An inspection of the seawall can provide valuable information. Check for cracks in concrete and vinyl seawalls. These could be signs that the seawall needs to be repaired. Look out for termite damage, splitting, or rot if your seawall is made from treated wood..

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