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Subjects OF THE Day – Fireplace Engineering

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Matters OF THE Working day

WE print in other columns the formal report of a competitive test, built by order of the Fire Commissioners of this metropolis, of two Clapp & Jones engines and two Ahrens engines belonging to this Office. Engines of these would make have been in use right here for some time, the types examined having been a short while ago procured, and the trial was for the satisfaction of the officers of the Department. The report designed by Main of Battalion, John McCabe, is pretty entire, covering all the details that authorities need to know about these kinds of contests. It will repay cautious analyze and comparison of effects received beneath distinct pressures and less than varying problems.

THE annoyance and inconvenience occasioned by the strike of telegraph operators would have been quite drastically enhanced experienced the strikers included in their variety the operators who manage the Fre Alarm Telegraph. Had they deserted their locations in the distinguished towns, the most serious consequences could possibly have ensued. The achievements of the Fireplace Provider and the safety of our metropolitan areas has grown to be so mostly dependent on the Fire Alarm Program that its significance is only fully appreciated when it gets to be deranged for a time. Had the operators gave out with the strikers, the authorities would have been sorely pressed to obtain some other signifies of notifying the hearth providers of the place of a fireplace. As the basic safety of towns is now dependent on the celerity of the Firemen, anything which tends to hold off them will become a serious make a difference of desire to the basic public. The good news is the adult males in charge of the Hearth Alarm Telegraph had been not influenced by the strike, remaining issue to totally distinctive laws than these which prevail in the standard telegraph providers. Even though the public was severely inconvenienced by the strike, and the company of the state humiliated to a good extent, it is a make a difference for congratulation that the Hearth Alarm Support was in no way interfered with.

THE story of the burning of the steamship Niagara off the coast of Florida a week or two considering the fact that, exhibits how very long particular types of merchandise will hold fireplace, how challenging it is to extinguish, and also of how minor utility steam is for extinguishing fire even in a confined area. The fireplace broke out amongst the cargo, and all attempts to put it out owning unsuccessful, the hatches were fixed down and all the steam of the engines turned into hold, but without having putting out the fireplace. The travellers having been taken off, the steamer was run into shoal drinking water and sunk. The captain claims : “We handed over Alligator Reef, into the bay the place the drinking water was seventeen toes deep, and getting located a smooth location to sink the ship, I ordered the valves opened and the pumps to be used in purchase to flood the hold. This was carried out, and the vessel sank, the cargo currently being coated with 4 toes of drinking water. The fireplace experienced been so very hot that 20-two cases of vitriol, on the primary deck, had been thrown overboard, whilst the flames did not appear over the hold. The future day, Friday at 7 hatches were opened, and Chief Engineer Fowler dived down and shut the valves. The water was pumped out to expose the cargo, which all over again took fireplace, and water was all over again pumped in till it was extinguished. The drinking water was at the time far more pumped out, and we crossed the reef at higher tide, proceeding to Havana, which we attained on Sunday at 5 A. M. An hour later on the fireplace again broke out,and this was again subdued following an hour’s labor.” After all this, when the cargo was last but not least unloaded, the steamer was uninjured, and straight away delivered another cargo, and returned to New York. That steamer evidently was not constructed to be burned.

THAT a Fireman’s life “hangs by a thread” in the fullest feeling of that phrase on many situations in the overall performance of their responsibilities, was forcibly illustrated in this town on Sunday very last at the fireplace that happened in Munroe’s publishing residence in Rose street. Fourteen Firemen had been cut off in the higher tales of the making by a “ back draft,” which surrounded them abruptly with smoke and flames, and cut off their retreat by the stairs or fire escape. They crawled on their arms and knees to a window and known as for support, but the sound in the road prevented their cries from getting understood, it becoming thought by all those under that they have been contacting for additional hose, and preparations were making to deliver it up to them. Meantime they ended up in threat of being suffocated, and the flames were being step by step advancing upon them. Eventually Chief Gicquel noticed their peril, and a ladder was lifted for their rescue, but it was also limited. At last a person of the imprisoned men located a piece of string, which he reduced to the floor, a existence line was drawn up, speedily built rapid inside, and the males started their descent to the floor. 1 of them was so faint from exhaustion that he was not able to clasp the rope, and slid down it some fifty ft, lacerating his arms terribly. He was caught at the base by a companion, and saved from even more injury. The other folks reached the ground in protection, but scarcely had they done so when the flames burst from the home windows they had just deserted. Their peril and escape was witnessed by hundreds of spectators, handful of of whom anticipated to see them all arrive at the street alive. Circumstances of individual Firemen escaping from excellent perils are recurrent, but it is rarely that an complete Business is slice off from escape and is placed in these types of jeopardy as this a person was.

THE Aqueduct Fee has at very last organized, and promises to be a person of the most expensive Commissions New York is blest with. It is composed of six members, which includes the Mayor, and it is proposed that every single shall have a income of $8000 a yr. Perhaps the Mayor will not endeavor to draw shell out for two workplaces at the exact same time, so that $40,000 a yr will address the salaries of these extremely ornamental officers. Then they will, of program, utilize a secretary, clefks, and so on., to say very little of surveyors, engineers, and other gurus, who will do the true work of the Commission. At the assembly of the Board for organization, it was voted to just take pricey rooms in the Tribune developing, and these, of study course, will demand to be furnished in the most high-class fashionable design. What doable use these higher-priced officers will be in the development of the dam, reservoirs and aqueduct, we simply cannot conceive. All the do the job will be done by agreement, contractors will be demanded to give bonds for the satisfactory performance of their operate, and a corps of authorities to see that it is so carried out will be really worth additional to the taxpayers than all these fancy Commissioners. One particular fantastic, proficient engineer, like Roebling or Common Newton, with whole authority about the function, would be worth a hundred Commissioners. But the politicians should have patronage, and in buy that it shall be fairly divided up it was essential to place in plenty of Commissioners to give all factions a slice, and to observe just about every other. This drinking water-offer scheme is estimated to value from $18,000,000 to $20,000,000, but we have predicted that it would charge the city twice that sum before any water was recognized by the new plan, but from the way the new Commission starts off off, we are now inclined to feel that the works will expense treble the estimate, and that it will be 10 in its place of 6 many years prior to they are completed. The taxpayers of New York have no just one but them selves to blame if they are robbed by the politicians they had ample prospect to defeat this grand drinking water-supply steal had they so sought after, but with their customary apathy they authorized it to move.

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