October 20, 2021

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It Is What You Do

They’re made use of as eco-friendly manure, fodder and soil-boosting go over crop.

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Is your veggie backyard carried out for the year? There are a pair matters you can do permit the garden go fallow, unplanted, include it up with very clear plastic for 6–8 weeks of solarization or plant warmth-tolerant species like okra and Seminole pumpkins, or plant a protect crop. This calendar year I am seeking a handful of Pigeon peas. 

Cajanus cajan, or Pigeon peas, are between the most important food items, forage and protect crops globally. Also identified as toor, Congo pea, grandul, crimson gram and Gunds pea, they are eaten as ripe and dried seeds.  

The vegetation are employed as inexperienced manure, fodder and soil-maximizing cover crop. It is assumed the region of origin for this plant is Africa and/or India, though types are uncovered throughout the world’s tropical regions. 

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