October 24, 2021

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Tsunami Warning for Homer Wave Forecast for 1:15 a.m.

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WEAK51 PAAQ 290701 TSUAK1 BULLETIN Community Tsunami Information Quantity 2 NWS Nationwide Tsunami Warning Center Palmer AK 1101 PM AKDT Wed Jul 28 2021 UPDATES ——- * Revised magnitude …THE TSUNAMI WARNING Stays IN Effect… …THE TSUNAMI ADVISORY Stays IN Result… Tsunami Warning in Effect for * SOUTH ALASKA AND THE ALASKA PENINSULA, Pacific coasts from Hinchinbrook Entrance, Alaska (90 miles E of Seward) to Unimak Go, Alaska (80 miles NE of Unalaska) * ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, Unimak Pass, Alaska (80 miles NE of Unalaska) to Samalga Move, Alaska (30 miles SW of Nikolski) Tsunami Advisory in Result for * SOUTHEAST ALASKA, The interior and outer coast from Cape Selection, Alaska (85 miles SE of Sitka) to Cape Fairweather, Alaska (80 miles SE of Yakutat) * SOUTH ALASKA AND THE ALASKA PENINSULA, Pacific coasts from Cape Fairweather, Alaska (80 miles SE of Yakutat) to Hinchinbrook Entrance, Alaska (90 miles E of Seward) * ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, Samalga Move, Alaska (30 miles SW of Nikolski) to Amchitka Move, Alaska (125 miles W of Adak) which include the Pribilof Islands For other US and Canadian Pacific coasts in North The usa, the degree of tsunami hazard is getting evaluated. More data will be supplied in supplementary messages. PRELIMINARY EARTHQUAKE PARAMETERS – Up to date ——————————————- * The next parameters are based mostly on a immediate preliminary assessment of the earthquake and adjustments may well manifest. * Magnitude 8.2 * Origin Time 2216 AKDT Jul 28 2021 2316 PDT Jul 28 2021 0616 UTC Jul 29 2021 * Coordinates 55.3 North 157.8 West * Depth 20 miles * Spot 75 miles SE of Chignik, Alaska 500 miles SW of Anchorage, Alaska FORECASTS OF TSUNAMI Activity —————————– * Tsunami activity is forecasted to start off at the pursuing spots at the specified moments. FORECAST Get started Internet site OF TSUNAMI —- ———- * Alaska Sand Issue 2255 AKDT Jul 28 Unalaska 2350 AKDT Jul 28 Chilly Bay 2355 AKDT Jul 28 Kodiak 2355 AKDT Jul 28 Adak 0015 AKDT Jul 29 Seward 0020 AKDT Jul 29 Elfin Cove 0025 AKDT Jul 29 Sitka 0030 AKDT Jul 29 Yakutat 0030 AKDT Jul 29 Valdez 0040 AKDT Jul 29 Cordova 0050 AKDT Jul 29 Saint Paul 0110 AKDT Jul 29 Homer 0115 AKDT Jul 29 OBSERVATIONS OF TSUNAMI Activity ——————————– * No tsunami observations are accessible to report. Proposed Steps ——————- Actions to shield human daily life and home will vary inside tsunami warning places and inside of tsunami advisory regions. If you are in a tsunami warning spot * Evacuate inland or to better floor over and outside of specified tsunami hazard zones or go to an upper ground of a multi-tale developing depending on your condition. If you are in a tsunami warning or advisory region * Transfer out of the water, off the beach, and absent from harbors, marinas, breakwaters, bays and inlets. * Be notify to and comply with guidance from your community crisis officials mainly because they may perhaps have more in-depth or particular data for your site. * If you truly feel a strong earthquake or prolonged ground rolling just take immediate protecting steps these types of as transferring inland and/or uphill ideally by foot. * Boat operators, * Where by time and conditions allow, go your boat out to sea to a depth of at minimum 180 toes. * If at sea steer clear of moving into shallow water, harbors, marinas, bays, and inlets to avoid floating and submerged debris and sturdy currents. * Do not go to the shore to notice the tsunami. * Do not return to the coastline until eventually nearby crisis officials reveal it is safe to do so. IMPACTS ——- Impacts will vary at diverse locations in the warning and in the advisory areas. If you are in a tsunami warning spot * A tsunami with harming waves and impressive currents is attainable. * Repeated coastal flooding is doable as waves arrive onshore, transfer inland, and drain again into the ocean. * Solid and abnormal waves, currents and inland flooding can drown or injure men and women and weaken or demolish constructions on land and in h2o. * Water crammed with floating or submerged debris that can injure or kill folks and weaken or damage structures and bridges is attainable. * Strong and uncommon currents and waves in harbors, marinas, bays, and inlets could be specifically harmful. If you are in a tsunami advisory region * A tsunami with strong waves and currents is attainable. * Waves and currents can drown or injure men and women who are in the h2o. * Currents at shorelines and in harbors, marinas, bays, and inlets may be specifically risky. If you are in a tsunami warning or advisory space * Some impacts may continue for a lot of several hours to days just after arrival of the first wave. * The very first wave may not be the major so later on waves may perhaps be bigger. * Each individual wave may possibly past 5 to 45 minutes as a wave encroaches and recedes. * Coasts struggling with all directions are threatened because the waves can wrap around islands and headlands and into bays. * Potent shaking or rolling of the floor suggests an earthquake has transpired and a tsunami might be imminent. * A promptly receding or receded shoreline, uncommon waves and appears, and powerful currents are indications of a tsunami. * The tsunami might seem as h2o transferring quickly out to sea, a light mounting tide like flood with no breaking wave, as a collection of breaking waves, or a frothy wall of h2o. Added Details AND Subsequent UPDATE ————————————– * Refer to the web internet site tsunami.gov for extra info. * Pacific coastal citizens outside the house California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska should really refer to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre messages at tsunami.gov. * This concept will be current inside of 30 minutes. $$


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